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Repairs and Machining Godiz SL

Experience and professionalism at the service of our clients, since 2009 offering solutions, machining, repairs, maintenance and manufacturing for the industry.

Reparaciones y mecanizados Godiz desde 2009


We specialize in repairs and machining, maintenance and manufacture of all kinds of machines, equipment and pieces. Our company grows day by day, so the recent expansion allows us to separate our different production activities in areas such as welding, mechanics, assembly, machining... With this expansion we have 1500m2 workshops divided into three ships, each of them equipped with bridge crane of 5, 8 and 10 tonnes.

Maquinaria y profesionales


At Reparaciones y Mecanizados Godiz SL we have machinery and specialized professionals to carry out all the processes of machining and manufacturing within our own means.

This allows us to offer agile services for our clients, providing the solutions that suit all their needs at any stage of the process. Quality and commitment with our customers.

Calidad y garantía Godiz


We work day by day to improve our production systems by adapting them to the highest standards. ISO certifications and certification CE marking on all our machines, are a guarantee of quality and commitment.

We evolve for the industry

Sectors of activity

Constant evolution at our costumes service.

Since its foundation, Reparaciones y Mecanizados Godiz SL, as a result of the technical experience of its professionals acquired for years, has played a modest but increasingly relevant role for its costumers.

Aware of the importance of our work in the repair, industrial maintenance and the manufacture of all kinds of machined parts our company, has evolved constantly working day by day to improve their competitiveness and guarantee the quality of their services .

This evolution has also facilitated the growing number of companies that Reparaciones y Mecanizados Godiz SL can provide their services and solutions. Thus, we currently works and repairs components in a large number of sectors, among which we can highlight:

Recycling and treatment of waste, railway sector, Petrochemical, Renewable Energies, Food, Aeronautics, Civil, Naval, Injection of plastics, Industrial Automation.

Repairs and Machining


Machining and Repair Specialists

Our professionals and our machinery park allow us to offer a specialized service of high quality, agile and with guarantee. We do machining of tapping, drilling, turning, milling, grinding,
cutting, welding, plasma cutting, boiler work ....

    Mechanized in general, for unique pieces or series in our facilities.
    Mechanized "in situ".
    Maintenance and repair with welding.
    Procedures with TIG, MIG, MAG, using
    all kinds of welding material.
    Plasma cutting jobs.
Repair of machinery (agricultural, railway,
public works).
Industrial repairs in general.
Repairs and constructions of hydraulic
elements for the industry in general.
Boilerwork (constructions on planes
or on sample pieces).
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Reparaciones y mecanizados Godiz
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